What Is Hydrogen Peroxide (H202)

Hydrogen Peroxide is a mild antiseptic that may be useful in preventing the spread of Covid 19 to the lungs and treating Covid infected lungs. H202 may be used preventatively or as a treatment for a throat spray or nebulising solution. H202 should be diluted with water to a safe 1% to 3% ratio. This product works by releasing oxygen and disinfecting.

Use H202

As a Throat Spray – Covid Preventative

• Purchase hydrogen peroxide 3% (10 volume) at any pharmacy and dilute it to 1.5% and put it in a nasal and mouth spray bottle.
• Spray once a day in the evening in both nostrils, mouth and throat.

As a nebulising Solution – Covid Preventative & Treatment

Important – don’t delay… Start on day ONE! The sooner you start the earlier it is over

  1. Purchase a nebulizer.
  2. Purchase hydrogen peroxide 3% (10 volume) at any pharmacy.
  3. Dilute the hydrogen peroxide 3mL peroxide to 3mL water and put 6mL in your nebulizer (Thus 6mL of a 1.5% hydrogen peroxide solution) – if it burns or you struggle to tolerate this – dilute 2mL peroxide to 4mL water…. If still not comfortable…. Dilute 1mL to 5mL. Most people can tolerate the recommended dose – but it is not necessary to be uncomfortable – so use the highest dose you can tolerate.
  4. Nebulize 15 minutes every 4 hours (average 4x a day)
  5. You will need to do this 4x a day until you are healthy – usually 2 to 3 days average – sometimes longer.
  6. For post covid syndrome you can keep on nebulizing 4x a day for at least 2 weeks.

How To Mix H202

**Please exercise extreme caution in mixing any H202 solution as strong.

Instructions for mixing H202:

  1. Note the volume of the hydrogen peroxide that you. have. The bottles usually come in 3%, 6%, 9% or 12% volume (strength of the Hydrogen Peroxide)
  2. We recommend mixing a 1% strength for throat spray and nebulising solution. You may make this stronger or weaker according to your sensitivity.

This table provides mixing ratios needed for mixing Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) with water to make your disinfectant, throat spray or nebulising solution.